Monthly Archives: July 2014

New Coat of Paint

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this site. I’ve been busy with life-y and work-y stuff so my side project activities have slowed down.

Updating previous entries, I build the sticks for a Django hosted site but the idea behind it never got off the ground so the sticks remain dormant. It was a good learning experience, I learned the basics behind a very powerful framework in Django and a lot about actually deploying something more complex than HTML or a WordPress site.

I have also spent some time putting together another Android app, I’ll write more about that later. The content generation needs to get finished but we are close to launch. Nothing groundbreaking but it is always fun to throw a new app out to the world.

Finally, I decided to throw some new style to this beat up looking site. I designed this a couple of years ago with a barely functioning knowledge of HTML and CSS. A couple of years later I am back with a barely functioning knowledge of HTML and CSS. The goal is to create a halfway decent looking page, cleaner layouts, breaks, headers and footers. I threw together the original site about an hour and it really wasn’t a good impression to leave should anyone happen to stumble across it. I’m mid-updating as I type this, if I end up doing anything fancy maybe I’ll come back and write about it.